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Care instructions

Follow our care instructions to extend the lifetime of your Smedbo product

We recommend that you make it a routine to wipe off your Smedbo products often, so they remain as new and retain their luster. With regular cleaning, soap and lime residues do not get attached to the surface as easily and you do not have to use cleaning agents that are not environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, discolorations and coatings can appear on the material surface if, for example, solutions of synthetic soap or shampoo are left on the surface. Therefore, make sure to dry your Smedbo products as often as possible.

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Choose cleaners and tools with care

The choice of cleaning products and tools has a great impact on the end result. For weekly cleaning, we recommend that the surface is wiped with a soft microfiber cloth, in order to reduce the use of detergent. Avoid cleaning tools such as steel wool and fiber sponge as they can cause permanent damage and scratches to the surface finish.

When it comes to cleaning agents, lukewarm water is usually enough. For more extensive cleaning, a mild pH-neutral cleaning agent with a value between 7.5–9.5 without abrasives may be used. Do not use alkaline, acidic, chlorine or alcoholic cleaning agents as they can cause stains and damage to the surface, therefore exclude these. If you use this type of cleaning in the bathroom, make sure you protect the products from splashes.

Cleaning procedure

  • Wipe the surface with a slightly damp microfiber cloth with lukewarm water.
  • When cleaning agents are used, they should have a pH value between 7.5-9.5 and not contain abrasives.
  • Carefully remove the detergent with cold water.
  • Wipe the product with a dry microfiber cloth to avoid limescale stains.
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Chrome and stainless steel

In the case of dirt or limescale stains on chrome and stainless steel, they are most easily removed with a cleaning agent intended for this. Read the instructions carefully and always try the cleaning agent on a small surface first. Household vinegar (max. 12%) is also effective against limescale stains. Rub in, leave on, rinse with clean water and dry with a microfiber cloth. Always avoid solvents, such as hard scouring pads and abrasive powders.

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Brass is corrosion sensitive material, which means that over time, brass gets a beautiful patina that can be polished with brass ceaner. Smedbo brass products, on the other hand, are highly polished and lacquered, which preserves the brass’ appearance. It is therefore extra important never to use strong cleaning agents with abrasives in brass care. In addition to leaving marks on the product, it can also remove the protective lacquer surface. Rather choose a mild pH-neutral detergent without abrasives or soap solution.