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Assemble with glue

Assembly with glue – a flexible and drill-free method

Do you live in a tenancy or do you simply not want to drill holes in the wall in your bathroom? We fully understand this and that is why the majority of our products can be mounted with the special glue iComposite GlueMix. So, you do not have to worry about damage to the waterproofing layer or making bad looking holes in your bathroom.

With iComposite GlueMix you’ll get a safe and sustainable result

Most of Smedbo’s products are excellent for gluing. We recommend that you use iComposite GlueMix for assembling since Smedbo products and iComposite GlueMix is a well tested coombination that gives a good and durable result. We do not recommend using other adhesives as the products are only quality tested with iComposite GlueMix. Other adhesives can affect the strength, appearance of the substrate and affect the surface layer of the product.

One package of iComposite GlueMix for four standard size back plates

iComposite GlueMix is not included in the package of gluable products, but you can buy it separately, article number 6000-10. One pack of iComposite GlueMix is sufficient for gluing four standard size back plates. The back plates that come with the product can be used for mounting with either screws or glue. For shower baskets and single hooks #3455, you need to buy a separate mounting plate, item no. F966 or FB966, if you want to assemble with glue. Bathtub handles, swivel towel rails and products in the AIR and DRY series should not be glued.

How to assemble Smedbo products with i.Composite Gluemix

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface.
  2. Roll up the package so that the two components mix thoroughly.
  3. Apply the glue evenly over the product back plate.
  4. Place the back plate against the wall and hold for a short while. The glue package contains a cardboard support that can be used to help hold the product in place while the glue cures.Let the glue cure for at least 4 hours.
Montera med lim

Easy to assemble with iComposite GlueMix

  • Fantastic strength
  • Quick and easy assembly, cures after 4 hours
  • Easy to remove without damaging the surface