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How to assemble your Smedbo product

There are different ways to assemble your Smedbo product. To make it easier for you we have gathered all our assembly info here.

For example, did you know that bricks, which are almost as hard as concrete, can still crack if you drill too close to the edge? Are you wondering how to make adhesive products sit firmly? Do you know what to be aware of when drilling in concrete, plaster or chipboard?

But, assembly is not that difficult – if you know how to do it. Feel free to take part in our assembly tips for the best results!

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Assemble with screw

It is not always easy to know how to drill and mount a product in the bathroom. We have simplified the process for you with assembly tips for different types of materials for best results!

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Assemble with glue

Most of Smedbo’s products can be glued using our special glue iComposite GlueMix. If you choose to glue a product, you do not have to worry about damage to the waterproofing layer in your bathroom.

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Assemble self adhesive products

Have you bought a shower scraper with self-adhesive bracket, or a self-adhesive clock? In order for the product to sit firmly, it is important that it is assembled correctly. Here you will find clear instructions for mounting self-adhesive products.