Summer inspiration for your bathroom

Summer is finally here! Which means sunny days, warmth, joy, and relaxation. Wonderful feelings that make us feel better. We want to contribute to you experiencing these feelings more often and making them part of your everyday life.
Details from our villa bathroom series.

Create summer feelings in the bathroom

Many people thinks that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms at home. Perhaps you have a summer house that needs to be redone after a long winter, or maybe you want to refresh the details in your bathroom at home. With simple means, you can bring new life into your bathroom according to the season.

Our bathroom series, Villa, are inspired from the turn of the century. The products’ unique details contribute to a warm and harmonious feeling. They are a perfect fit for enhancing the personal charm of a summer house or adding unique character to a more minimalist bathroom. We want our bathroom series to give you the opportunity to add your personal touch into your bathroom and provide you with a delightful experience every day.

summer details and bathroom hook.

Our best summer tips!

Small details make the biggest difference. Get our best tips on how to create a bathroom that feels bright, peaceful, and summer vibes.

Colorful Details
Colors have different effects on our mood and well-being. By adding colorful details to the bathroom, it can make us feel more motivated and inspired. Yellow is a positive and cheerful color, while pink is experienced as soft and calming — two suggestions for colors that evoke summer feelings.

Natural Elements
Natural elements create a relaxed and harmonious ambiance in the bathroom. Good tips for natural materials, besides plants, include bamboo mats, small wooden accents, rattan baskets, wooden stools, or stones. This way, you can create a warm impression in the bathroom.

Natural light
Make the most of the natural light entering the bathroom to create an open and welcoming atmosphere. Avoid placing large plants, vases, or other objects in front of the window that may obstruct the natural light. If you don’t have a window in the bathroom, it’s important to work with light colors to prevent the room from feeling enclosed. This applies to tiles, furnishings, and details like towels, soap dispensers, and hooks.


Light colors, along with a green plant and a soft basket, make the room feel warm and inviting. It becomes a harmonious place to prepare for the day and evening.

Colorful details in the bathroom add joy and character. When using colorful accents, it’s necessary to balance them with a neutral environment so that the room doesn’t feel cluttered.

Feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays and having them shine into the bathroom is a wonderful sensation. By using various light sources, you can make the bathroom feel larger and more harmonious.