Smedbos badrumsserie House i färgen mattsvart uppsatt i grått badrum

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  • Badrumsserie ice med handduksring, handduksstång och krok tar plats i grågrönt hemtrevligt badrum

    The dream of an organized bathroom

    Do you experience that it gets messy in the bathroom a little too often? A common problem when there is a lack of space in the bathroom is to keep it organized. So, how to counteract messy bathrooms?
  • fyra olika handduksvärmare i trädmodell

    The tree – A modern classic towel warmer

    Smedbo was founded in 1967, at a time when the bathroom was not allowed to take up space. The bathroom was shaped by functionality and by being maintenance-free. The bathroom was only a room that would fulfill its obvious purpose. Unlike in the ’60s, today’s bathroom has a much more welcoming and aesthetic feeling.
  • dubbel handdukskrok med grön handduk bredvid rosa blomma

    Refresh your bathroom with 5 simple tricks

    One of the most common questions we get is how to best update a bathroom without renovating. It is not always easy to know at which end to begin when you want to give your bathroom a face lift. In this article, we share our best tricks to transform a bathroom with small means. Of course, the bathroom should still be a room for contemplation and recovery!
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