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With this bathroom accessory you can get really close to your skin. The magnifying mirror is a handy friend to help you achieve a neat beard stubble or luscious eyelashes.

Make-up mirrors for all kinds of bathrooms

This is the closest bathroom accessory. And that’s exactly the point. Helps to make sure make up is perfect and helps shaving flow smoothly without any injuries.
To succeed, the placement of the mirror is important. That’s why we have both wall-mounted make-up mirrors, with a handy swivel arm, and free-standing make-up mirrors. For those who can’t mount their mirror in a place with good light, we have models with LED lighting.

Free-standing make-up mirrors are easy to take to other rooms. And our small, round makeup mirror with support legs is perfect for travel.

The Smedbo range includes mirrors in brushed or polished chrome. All with a core are made of brass, the perfect material for the bathroom because it never rusts.

  • Provides a close-to-skin result; facilitates make-up and shaving
  • Stainless steel mirrors with stylish design
  • Make-up mirror with LED lighting is perfect if you lack good light