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Our grab bars are a bathroom accessory that combines safety with craftsmanship and enhances ease of use. It provides support, reduces the risk of slipping and is also a stylish interior detail.

What should I consider when choosing a grab bars?

Think about whether you need one or more support grab bars. Maybe you choose two to at different places in your bathroom? Sometimes a shorter and a longer grab bar can make things a little easier.

For a harmonious, unified feel, it’s a good idea to match the grab bars with other bathroom furnishings, such as the towel rail and shower basket.

Stainless steel grab bars

Attach the grab bar beside your bathtub, in the shower or anywhere else in the bathroom where you need extra support. The Livings series grab bar are made of stainless steel, all other grab bars are made of solid brass, which does not rust.

All Smedbo grab bars have a 10-year warranty.

  • Our grab bars combine safety with design
  • Wide range with great personality
  • Stainless steel or brass