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For many, the bathroom shelf is the bathroom accessory that determines the choice of bathroom range. We celebrate clean, stylish design with good, practical function.

Combine style and function with bathroom shelves

The bathroom shelf is a practical storage area that keeps your toiletries close at hand. At the same time, the bathroom shelf is the bathroom accessory that sets the style in your bathroom. And here you can be creative! Go minimalist with a designer shelf under the mirror or install three or four shelves, one above the other. Display beautiful perfume bottles, maybe a scented candle and colour the bathroom shelves with fresh, folded towels.

Wall shelves for all kinds of bathrooms

All of Smedbo’s bathroom shelves are in elegant tempered glass, with holders in polished or brushed chrome. For the Villa bathroom shelf series you can also get a holder in polished brass. A stylish bathroom shelf is of course just as good in the guest toilet.

  • Bathroom shelves combine high functionality with your personal style
  • Our wall shelves are in tempered glass with chrome or brass holders
  • Shelves allow you to create inspiring, harmonious elements with, for example, scented candles, ceramics and perfume bottles